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Living a Yoga Lifestyle

New to yoga or just looking for an opportunity to restart it. Here's a curated list of the yoga basics for you to start enjoying a healthier you.

You'll be well on your way to practicing and living like a Yogi.


Begin your fitness journey and find your healthier self.

At SamyakSmriti Yoga we help you to achieve your fitness goals and making a healthier you.

Personal Yoga Therapy sessions


Why is SamyakSmriti Yoga Good For You?

Classes at the Comfort of your Home

When traveling to a distant place for a class is not feasible with your tight schedule, there comes the online class. Learn, practice, and explore yoga at the comfort of your home.


Attain Self-Discipline and Self Awareness

Practicing yoga on a regular basis helps in achieving mental discipline, which will eventually become a part of your routine. You will notice the positive change in your work, habits, and lifestyle.

Get the physical and mental benefits

Yogasanas are physical postures. Concentrating so intently on what your body is doing has the effect of bringing calmness to your mind.

Prana is the basic life principle. Through Pranayama you gain control over Prana.

Yoga also introduces you to meditation techniques, such as how to focus on your breath and disengage from your thoughts. These skills can prove to be very valuable in intense situations off the mat.

Helps in Stress Management

You will practice different techniques designed specifically for stress management. The goal is to master the mind by increasing internal awareness and mindfulness.

What our student says?

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“I started attending Mousumi’s Online Yoga Session during lockdown when I needed something to stay fit. After attending a few sessions, I realized it’s not only important to be fit but also to be happy, healthy from both our mind and body.

The sessions are a complete package on its own that I need not had to look into anything else for relaxation. She teaches us Mindfulness Yoga that balances our body, mind, and soul. She gives instructions that are very easy to follow and correct us whenever required. She comes up with new variations in classes that encourage us to try new poses and want us to reach the next level. The start till end balances on itself all the asanas from easy to tough and again to smooth ones.

She takes care of all types of people with age and flexibility as its a group class and makes sure all are comfortable. Pranayama, Breathing with Body Movement, Relaxation techniques, Asanas specific to illness, Precautionary Asanas for diseases, Meditation, Mindfulness Asanas with Breathing in sync, Multiple poses, and many more are covered very well.

I personally felt it as an opportunity to develop physically, time to re-connect with my thoughts, a place of respite, and renewal. I am overwhelmed with the flexibility, energy, and power of our body that I started to learn and feel slowly with the practices that I do every day in the session. Some very beautiful thoughts that she explains while yoga is phenomenal. I agree to when she explains why some Pranayama and Meditation are not optional but mandatory for every individual. Every time I finish a class I feel taller and stronger and I thank my body for what it can do. I highly recommend these sessions to anyone who would like to explore themselves. Thank you Mousumi for all her selfless service and spirit to take this forward. :) :) :)”

Susrita Mishra, Chennai

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"It’s been more than a month I have joined the class and the benefits I have experienced is remarkable.

Before joining the class, I had severe neck and arm pain. I couldn’t turn my neck sideways even to a small extent or bend down for some time also. I was very disturbed and thought that I should live with the pain for the rest of my life. Within a few weeks of joining the class I started noticing a huge change in the flexibility of my neck. Now I’m able to move my neck in all the directions without pain.

I also suffered from cold and sinus problems like nasal congestion and headache. I always used to breathe through my mouth as my nostrils were blocked. After the class my nasal congestion has reduced and I’m able to breathe through my nostrils with my mouth closed. The headache I had due to sinus is no longer there.

My digestion has improved and overall I have become more flexible and active.

I never thought that there will be so much improvement in my health within such a short period of time. I am surprised to see that I’m able to do the asanas with perseverance and flexibility. Many thanks to Mousumi for teaching the classes and helping me in reaping the benefits of yoga."

Jayanthi, USA

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“Mousumi is an amazing yoga teacher with an in-depth knowledge of yoga. For both beginners and experienced students, she has a unique ability to nurture, motivate, and share her extensive knowledge with a rewarding experience. As she teaches online, she is always accessible for any help and queries of students. Each class of her is different, but she always touches the core areas for developing strength, flexibility, balance, and relaxation.  She also covers Pranayama (breathing practices), and Meditation in most of her classes. It is always a nice experience to do yoga with her guidance. Thanks a lot, Mousumi, I have learnt a lot from you and still have a lot to learn.”

Manoj Das Mohapatra, New Delhi

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